Soundcrest Music Group proudly presents its fourth signing, the seasoned artist Skippy, a familiar face in the music industry with an impressive track record. Formerly a key member of the contemporary Christian music band Code of Ethics, Skippy’s contributions resulted in three #1 hits on the Christian music charts, accompanied by a notable victory at the Christian music awards.

After a successful run with Code of Ethics, Skippy ventured into television and advertisement, expanding his creative reach. Now, he returns to his roots as a solo artist, ready to embark on a new musical chapter.

Code of Ethics achieved widespread acclaim with their genre-crossing music, blending electronic, new wave, and rock elements. The band’s self-titled record, released on July 6, 1993, became a milestone in their career.

The first single, “Something Real,” soared to the top, securing a No. 1 spot on Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) for three consecutive weeks in August. Follow-up singles, including “True Love” at No. 3 and “Follow On” at No. 21, further solidified the band’s presence on the charts.

Buoyed by the success of their self-titled record, Code of Ethics ventured into their most prosperous era with the subsequent album. Collaborating with Jacksonville songwriters Gerald Josef Gardiner and James “Jay” Booth, the band achieved two more No. 1 singles and received their first GMA Dove Award nomination in 1996.

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