Our Story

Soundcrest Music Group is a dynamic music venture committed to supporting artists on their journey to success. With leadership whose experience exceeds 50 years, spanning roles at esteemed entities such as Warner Music Nashville, CMT, American Idol, Capitol Christian Music Group, and Word Entertainment, our team brings a comprehensive understanding of the music industry to empower emerging talents.


At Soundcrest Music Group, our range of services is tailored to provide independent artists with the tools they need for success:

  • Global Distribution: We ensure your music reaches audiences worldwide on all major platforms and stores.
  • Promotion: From radio promotion to playlist pitching, our strategies will help your release connect with listeners.
  • Publicity: Soundcrest Music Group enhances your presence through effective publicity campaigns.
  • Music Publishing: Soundcrest Music Group’s publishing divisions provide copyright management services for exploiting, protecting, revenue collection and administration leaving artists free to focus solely on their craft. Our teams also prioritizes sync licensing opportunities to elevate your music in various media, and aids with A&R development.

Soundcrest Music Group is not just a label; it’s a supportive ecosystem that empowers artists to navigate the music industry successfully, fostering their growth and amplifying their authenticity.